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Fill out the form, and we will create you as a customer in our system. You will then receive an email with your login information, access to your purchase history, and a 30% discount code.

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Your advantages

As a distributor of the original Gin Hass® Mango Syrup, there are many benefits. If you register before 31 December 2021, there are even more.

Smart online system

As a distributor, you always have access to a smart online system. Here you can see your purchase history and offers only for retailers.

30% discount

You get a 30% discount on all your future orders and can enjoy significant savings – every time.

Trademark® legislation

Gin Hass® is a registered trademark. Only with the use of our Mango Syrup is it legal to sell the cocktail.

Multiple addresses

Is your business spread over several addresses? Then you can easily register them all for the same account and delivery.


Many dealers have already spotted our original mango syrup. Do you also have to be on the list?

Set the price

You decide for yourself what Gin Hass® Mango Syrup or cocktail should cost you.

The Gin Hass bottles

The original and 100% organic Gin Hass® Mango Syrup was developed and adapted by Gin Hass inventor Kim Hass.
Gin Hass Mango Sirup - 250ml

Gin Hass®

250 ml

The smaller bottle of 250 ml is ideal for dealers who serve simple, luxurious cocktails on weekdays and weekends. The small bottles also complete the selection in a store where you allow customers to shop for smaller events.
Gin Hass Mango Sirup - 750ml

Gin Hass®

750 ml

The bottles with 750 ml Gin Hass® Mango Syrup are the bigger version. They are the perfect choice for dealers who serve many cocktails over the week. In addition, they are a must-have in a store where you want the optimal assortment on the shelves – with both small and large bottles.

Gin Hass dealers

Many restaurants, shops, hotels, etc., are already offering their customers an original and delicious taste experience. Do you also want to be on the list?